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Small Business Insurance



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Small Businesses are the heart and backbone of the American dream.  There are over 27.9 million small businesses registered in the U.S.  Small businesses provide 55% of all jobs and 66% of all net new jobs since the 1970’s.   Over 73% of all Small Businesses are registered as sole proprietors. 

Small businesses have done an excellent job of getting out the message to their new and prospective clients with the brand awareness campaign “Shop Local”.   Small businesses have some unique characteristics which need some customized coverages, but for the most part most business owners need to protect their businesses from the normal day to day risks that affect most businesses big or small.

Small businesses generally reported being less concerned about a number of business riskscompared to businesses overall, including cyber-related risks and legal liability related toemployee driving accidents. Small businesses are also less likely to have a business continuityplan.


Small businesses report being slightly less concerned about business risk than businessesoverall, with 33% saying business is getting somewhat or much more risky, compared with 37%of businesses of all sizes. It’s a theme that is consistent across the top five business concernsfor small businesses, which include cyber risks, increasing employee benefits costs and legalliability.


Only 30% of small businesses reported having a business continuity plan in place, comparedwith just over half (52%) of all businesses. Consulting with insurance agents and having aninsurance to value (ITV) assessment can help small businesses evaluate whether they havesufficient property insurance limits in place.

While 56% of businesses overall are concerned about cyber risks, only 44% of small businesses list it as a top worry.


Among their leading concerns about cyber risk, small businesses are mostworried about their company’s computers becoming damaged or going down (43%), an intrudergaining access to their company’s banking accounts or financial control systems (43%), and asecurity breach, such as someone hacking into their computer system (38%). Despite theseconcerns, only 7% of small businesses report buying separate cyber coverage, and 39% saidthey did not need cyber insurance because of other protections they had in place.


Businesses of all sizes should seriously consider buying cyber liability protection especially  if the business takes payments, enters and stores personal information such as email addresses and phone numbers of their clients.  Protecting a small business with a variety of Commercial insurance is not expensive and in many cases can be the differentiate in that business fully recovering from a significant loss.



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