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KT Artistry- Downtown Avalon Park Business of the Week


KT Artistry
3819 Avalon Park E Blvd, Orlando, FL 32828
Well hello there. My name is Kaitlyn Embury and I am currently writing you from my newest studio here in Avalon Park, Orlando Florida. Being able to say that still gives me goosebumps. Becoming an artist was always the dream, and to be honest even to this day it doesn’t seem like a reality. 
Let’s back track a little here for a second, I never expected myself to be an artist, and maybe that was the first speed bump I approached in this incredible adventure. I expected less out of myself because I was terrified of the failure that could come along with the idea of chasing a career that only 6% of people succeed at. Instead, for years, I referred to my art as a hobby, and painted for the love of the craft. What I didn’t realize was how blessed I was to have something I could be so passionate about- that would allow me to truly enjoy each and everyday, because LIFE IS SO SHORT. Art has allowed me find my own voice and communicate my feelings when I had no other direction on how to do so. The hard work has made me appreciate life and all the little acts of kindness I see daily. My mistakes have pushed me to prove to myself that I can overcome hardships no matter how dark they may seem at the time, and when all goes wrong I’ve realized I must learn and let it go. Creating money to feel joy was never a motive. I paint because of the happiness it brings to my life. In the end money is never worth it.
 After graduating college with an Advertising Major, Fine Arts minor, and a concentration in Fine Arts, I took my first steps into the workforce and creating art as a graphic designer for the Omaha World Herald. A few years went by until one day it hit me – why am I giving so much time to something that doesn’t make me 100% happy. It was that thought that simplified this otherwise extremely complex situation. Naturally my next decision may sound a little extreme, strap on your seat belt- I quit my 40 hour a week, steady paycheck, day job and moved my art studio into the Hot Shops (a hub of art studios exploding with local creative talent). The question that followed was “How bad do you truly want this? Because you can have it.” 
Since creating KT Artistry LLC in September for 2014, I’ve accepted a Partnership with Digital Escape Velocity and took on the position as their lead artist/muralist; worked with multiple authors on creating digital cover pieces as well as character development and themed art for game boards and other props that supports the authors work; 
created art that is now housed all over the world including Universal Studios; and lastly, opened up my 3rd art studio down here in Avalon Park.
Being able to create artwork as well as teach my techniques to kids and adults has become one of the biggest success of KT Artistry. I offer classes for every artistic spirit ages 4 and up. Whether you just want to bring in your own bottle of wine and have me teach you step by step in my paint and sip classes, dive into one of my beginner classes, or start your kids off early creating masterpieces in my after-school program and all ages classes. 
Art gave me the ability to dream which is something I wish upon everyone. It is essential to enjoy your work, for I spent to many years worrying about money and what others expected and thought of me. Let go and enjoy the ride, because it’s a remarkable life!
Follow me and my dream.
You can like my Facebook page, or follow me on Instagram #kaitlynemburyart.


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